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Document Indexing

Many document imaging systems store documents in an independent database. This type of database can be problematic because the database index is simply linked to the location where the documents are stored. As a result, the documents cannot be transferred across multiple platforms, the system may have compatibility issues with future software upgrades, and the user may be bound to the original host imaging system.

An alternative is to embed labels directly in every electronic document.  With this approach, everywhere the document goes, the data label travels with it. This is an enormous advantage because it eliminates the need for database maintenance and the requirement to add "meta-tags" to documents for web-enablement. An independent search engine such as Copernic, dtSearch or Google can also be used very efficiently with these embedded documents.  Their indexing systems simply extract the character information from the documents and generate a separate index file from which searches are conducted. This allows the freedom to move documents from one directory to another without concern for database indexing. By simply rebuilding the search engine index with the click of a mouse, all documents are ready for instant retrieval because the embedded label moves with the document.




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